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On May 15th 1940 the newly appointed Secretary of War, Mr Anthony Eden, made an important broadcast from London. He announced the Government’s decision to form an unpaid Local Defence Volunteer Force for local defence in the United Kingdom.

The force, which was to be part of the armed forces of the Crown, was to be organised by existing military areas; each military area to be divided into zones, and each zone to contain a number of groups with an unpaid voluntary organiser in charge of each zone and group.

It was stated that the service of the volunteers would be unpaid, but a provision was to be made for a scale of compensation for volunteers injured on duty.

Uniforms of the denim overall type, field service cap and an armband with the letters L.D.V. were to be issued to personnel.

As a result of this broadcast, thousands of men hastened to join. From the Isle of Man a large number had already volunteered for regular services, and the island was not behind when it was proposed to form a similar force for the island. Recruitment booths were set up around the island and within a week 1500 men had enlisted. The LDV, later to be re-named by Winston Womes Volunteer ServiceChurchill, the Home Guard was born.

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