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Basic required: (Soldier of Fortune)
FS Side cap with post 1922 King’s Liverpool Regt cap badge
37 pattern Denim BD jacket
37 pattern Denim BD trousers
Home Guard armband
Brown leather gaiters
Leather 1903 belt
Black toe capped boots/period shoes (DMS boots acceptable)

Additional items:
Service Respirator and MKVII gasmask bag (Pre 1941 dated)
1907/P14/17 frog, bayonet and scabbard
MKII steel helmet
HG Issue haversack

Deactivated SMLE No1 MK III/ P14/17 Rifle/ .455 Webley pistol/ shotgun/ 1928 Thompson sub-machine gun/ Lewis gun/ 1918 BAR

Kit and Equipment

Each member must purchase within 6 months of joining the basic home Guard uniform listed above, so they can attend any events the group participate in. The cost for the basic uniform is approx. £200 (head to toe) and is far cheaper than doing other types of re-enactment. The basic uniform has to be purchased from Soldier of Fortune as this will give members a “uniform “look. If in doubt, before you purchase anything HG related, speak to Barry to confirm that you are getting the right piece of kit.


Please remember that we are portraying the 1940/41 Home Guardsman. Whilst doing public events, piercings, modern glasses, goatee beards and facial tattoos are not permitted. Hair must be neatly cut and faces shaved.










Wearing of Ribbons and Medals

Because we are portraying the HG in 1940/41 many of them were former WW1 or ex Regular soldiers, and would have some form of medal ribbons- but not all. So to keep in line with this the following rule is to be adhered to:

You may wear medal ribbons only If you have earned a Gallantry/Campaign/ Jubilee/ Long service medal whilst serving your time in any of the following:

(a) Armed services (any branch)
(b) Emergency Services (any branch)
(c) Red Cross, St John Ambulance

As a guide you may wear the equivalent WW1 medal ribbon(s):

e.g. Northern Ireland CSM= British War & Victory ribbons
OSM Afghanistan=India General Service ribbon.
More than two campaign medals =1914/15, British War and Victory ribbons
Any Queen's Jubilee medal= George IV Coronation medal.

Again, if unsure please ask Barry for guidance.




Uniform Example

Uniform Front

Uniform Back

Uniform Right

Uniform Left


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